Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company

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Neshaminy Creek Brewing COMPANY

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In 2010, my friend Jeremy started a brewery. I knew Jeremy through the punk scene, specifically having made artwork for bands on his record label, Jump Start Records. Sometime near the end of 2011 he asked me to work with him on something other than record packaging. Brewery branding!! Logos, packaging and apparel to start. Since then, I've been lucky enough to create dozens of bottle label and can designs, growlers, glasses, apparel, custom lettering of every shape and size, illustrations, skateboards, 2 murals and counting and just about everything else you could think of or want to make for something as cool as a brewery run by your friend with really good taste in beer and music. 



Additional Wordmarks & Logo Variations.



The work I create for Neshaminy Creek reflects the culture and people who run and work for the brewery. Handmade, honest but weirdly fun and unpretentious. Each label or can design is kind of like an original one panel comic without dialogue. Sometimes referential, sometimes a homage, always totally original. The logo and name of the beer are front and center. Easy to read and recognize. I hand ink each design and finish them colorfully I want them to work individually as well as mixed and paired together. 


Apparel Design